The treasure chest!

This is where you’ll find lots of useful ‘How to’ documents.

Some are free and some cost money and they all give you either detailed instructions to make those online activities easier or ideas that will improve your marketing and image development. Just click the links to download or the ‘Buy now’ button to get access to the ones you want.

Twitter for Twits – the tools that make Twitter easy and 13 ideas for generating content. FREE!

Blogging for beginners How to write a good blog. FREE!

How to post a blog on WordPress  A step by step guide.  FREE!

Find out more now!

How to create a website that works. What you need to know to get a website that really works for you! FREE!

How to write a good article.  A step by step guide to planning and developing an article. FREE!

How to get great testimonials.  The secret of getting testimonials that sell your services to other people.  FREE!

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile.  Little tips and hints to ensure you’re found when people are searching for what you do.  FREE!

How to create a home page for your website.  A worksheet that helps you to gather the information you need to write a home page that connects with your reader and keeps them on your site long enough to take action.  Only £10 – and it will save you hundreds in professional copy fees.


Writing to promote your business.  Tips and a worksheet to create the core information that will make your written communication a cut above the rest.  Just £5 for a document that will change your approach to marketing material – and a built in ‘help’ function.


Online marketing strategy report and worksheet: The steps to making your marketing work online – get all your online activity flying in formation. The best £10 you will ever spend.


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