The secret of great marketing copy

When you create material to help people choose to use your services or products you need to make them feel that you are not only unique, but can deliver them a much better service than anyone else!

You don’t have long to get that message across either; we’re talking seconds.

The problem is that there is so much to tell them – where do you start?

The answer is that YOU don’t; you get someone who is much more objective to help you to uncover what your real selling points are. This ensures that your message tells people not what you want to tell them, but what they want to know!

That’s about content, but did you know that here are dozens of ways that you can stop people reading – completely unintentionally? And it doesn’t matter how good the copy is. If you’ve spent time, effort and money on creating a newsletter, flyer, website or brochure – you don’t want people to just glance at it; you want them to really pay attention and quickly get your message. If you’ve spent money on a pay per click campaign for your website, you don’t want people leaving your website within a couple of seconds (known as a high ‘bounce rate’).

Ask about:

  • Website copy – that keeps people on your site
  • Newsletters – that get read more than once
  • Marketing material – that gets a response
  • Blogs – that build a following
  • Articles – that create respect for your knowledge
  • Brochures – that get sales
  • Reports – that develop loyalty.


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