Do you feel as though your marketing could be more effective?

Find out more now!

Find out more now!

If you know other people who seem to be everywhere on the internet and market their businesses well, but you wonder how they have the time …

If you find yourself spending more time than you have keeping up with your social media …

If you’ve invested in printing marketing material that doesn’t seem to work …

If you simply don’t know where to start …

I know that feeling!

And I’m sure there are dozens of other people who do too.

To introduce myself – I’m Lesley Morrissey, better known on the web as Lesleywriter.  I’m a professional copywriter and have honed my skills over the years in delivering copy that persuades people to take action.

I’ve studied not only WHAT people read, but also HOW they read – online and offline; that’s about the presentation of your message so that the important information is right where they’re looking and gets their attention.

Although I write for a living I have to admit that I dabbled and dithered with social media. I did a bit here and there and scoffed at people who spent hours on LinkedIn talking in the forums, who seemed to have hours to write blogs each day and chat on Facebook.

It took me a while, but then I realised that it’s just a big network and you need to approach it in a business-like way.

That’s why I wrote the How to market your business better in 30 days guide

A few years ago I resigned from my directorship of a training company and, with zero resources (including hard cash) I had to find a way to get my writing business out of cold storage and making enough to pay the mortgage. I started taking social media seriously with one of the first online networks – Ecademy – and invested some time in using it as a marketing tool.  Note – a marketing tool, not a sales tool.

I built a successful business just by working hard at building relationships.

Marketing is about finding out what people want and need, raising your profile, building relationships, getting to know people and helping them to get an idea of what you do.

It’s not about sell, sell, sell!

Once your network gets to know you they’ll come and buy what you offer when they need it.

Better still, if you share good quality information that’s valuable, useful and entertaining they’ll recommend you to others.

Cut to the chase – how much is it?

One of the things that I discovered as I built my business from scratch is that successful marketing needs a lot of good quality written material.

You need to write:

  • Copy for your website
  • Sales letters to promote your products and services
  • Emails to connect with people who might be interested in becoming a customer or an advocate
  • Blogs to share your knowledge
  • Articles to demonstrate your expertise
  • Tweets to get more followers
  • … and much more.

You even need to write a good 60 second presentation if you go to a networking event.

Did you know that you have to make contact with people between 5 and 12 times before they’re ready to even consider buying from you?

Now and again you just happen to make an offer at the right time and you’ll make the odd sale, but most of us buy from people we have some kind of relationship with.  People we trust and respect.

The more people read about your expertise, the better they get to know your business.

If you just want to get the book without reading any more just hit this link.

You know all this – right?

So are you doing it?

Do you even know what ‘it’ is?

Would you like to know how to get your website, blogs, articles, newsletters, tweets, social media, marketing flyers and brochures – in fact all your written material – to market you more effectively?

You can – but you probably need some help.

I had to find out the hard way – but you don’t have to struggle through making the same mistakes I did.  I’ve put together a 30 day guide.

Every day covers an activity that will improve your online image and profile and help you to develop the tools to crank your marketing up several levels.

It’s not a quick fix – and you will have to put some effort in at the beginning, but, once it’s up and running, your marketing machine will simply work.  It will

  • Create a professional image
  • Raise your profile as someone who shares their knowledge and skills
  • Make connections with people who will recommend and refer you to others
  • Generate good quality material that the search engines like

If you’re a small business then you’re probably on a tight budget – all the activities in this guide are free (except if you need to get your web designer to make website changes).

The How to market your business better in 30 days guide

costs ONLY £17

It’s 50 pages packed with information that will make a big difference to the success you have with marketing your business and to keep you on track there’s an Action section for each day.

You might not do a step each day – but if you work through this systematically – it WILL make a difference.


Your free bonus:

The Online Marketing Strategy Worksheet – worth £10 – this will change the way you approach online marketing for good.

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