Added wisdom in other places!

These are some of the blogs I’ve contributed to other websites. They’re blog sites worth bookmarking and reading regularly.

Interview with Angus Grady of CustomEyes


The Business Blogging Network

Marketing in one hour a week – without leaving the office

Who is your ideal client?

Step out of the ordinary

Random posts v. online marketing strategy

Residual income – are you missing an opportunity?

How hard do your headlines work?

Should you be writing a book?

Publishing a book – preparation

Publishing a book – writing

Writing a book – getting published

Publishing a book – marketing

Focus on success

All this social media stuff doesn’t work!

How important is Facebook to your business?

How memorable is your networking presentation?

Everybody’s talking about it

Does your website pass the 3-legged stool test?

The IT Training Surgery – Getting your business message across

Transire – Matching Messages - you’ll find this in the Guest blogs section

Fab after Fifty – Why do you need a website?

Word Smiths – Websites that work

Online Internet Marketing – 5 Steps to Creating an Effective Guest Blog

Social media management that works – How well connected are you?

Fresh Business Thinking – How good is your business website?

Birds on the blog

Buy now! The shortest sales copy a page ever needs

How do you get people to read your website?

What are your guts telling you?

The 7 Steps of Persuasion (that really work)

All about websites – and other online and offline communications. Elaine Gold interviews Lesley Morrissey (30 minute podcast)

Executive Offices Group interviewed Lesley Morrissey – read the interview here.

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