What is article marketing?

Most people that have even the most basic understanding of the world wide web know that content about your business or expertise in several places is a ‘good thing’. People who know a bit more about search engines know that the more content you have on the web that is relevant and linked to your website, the higher up the search engine rankings you are likely to be. The challenge is – how do you get all this copy out there?

There are many options and they include a blog, guest blogs, articles and other websites. Today we’re going to talk about article marketing.

What this means is that you write an article that shares your expertise and then publish it, not only on your website, but also on other websites that are set up for just this purpose.

The biggest article marketing sites are Ezine articles, Idea Marketers and ISnare – but there are dozens of others too.

This all seems quite straightforward – except that, if you read the ‘instructions’ on some of these sites, you’ll quickly realise that posting the same article on several sites is not permitted. It has to be a unique article. For anyone who isn’t a prolific writer that can be a huge challenge, but it’s not as bad as it appears.

You don’t need to write a completely new article, you just need to edit the article you’ve already written so it’s at least 20% different from the original. That can include rearranging paragraphs and using the richness of the English language to present the same thought in different words.

Aim for a handful of sites, start with one and then add others as editing time allows – and always post your articles on your own website too to build up the relevant content your site has. That will contribute to being found by the search engines too.

A word of warning – an article is not a marketing piece, it’s a knowledge or information item that gives value to the reader in some way. It might share your knowledge of a specialist area, give them a series of tips, be a ‘how to’ explanation, present a case study so they can see the whole situation from start to finish. Most article sites allow you to put your web link and a short bio on the end, but if you try to include much blatant promotion in the body of the article it won’t appear.

Start small and work up!
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Article marketing to promote your business

If you’ve heard of ‘article marketing’, but aren’t sure how that works, here are a few things that will help you to decide if this is a marketing method that will work for your business.

Q: How does writing articles work to market your company?

A: Sharing your knowledge helps people to understand it in more depth. Don’t be afraid to give away your secrets, most people will realise that your knowledge and skills are valuable and prefer to let you help them rather than try to do it all themselves. Article marketing is just a way of letting them know you are competent.

Q: What should I write about?

A: Stick to what you know and write around your expertise. What are the most common questions people ask you? Use those as the basis for your article. Article marketing is about demonstrating that you are an expert.

Q: Where should I publish my articles?

A: Find article sites to post your articles, but read the instructions before you post. There are hundreds of article sites, probably the best known is www.ezinearticles.com, but there are many others such as:


Publish your articles on your website; Google loves fresh relevant copy, BUT also remember that the search engines like original copy, so every article must be at least 20% different from the others; this includes what is posted on your website.

Q: What else can I do with my articles?

A: Reuse articles – split them into sections to post as blogs, or use two or three related blogs and turn them into an article!

Turn a series of articles into a report to give free to people who sign up to your list.

Collate your articles over a year into an ebook to sell online or give away to the chosen few.

My tips for writing articles are:

Brainstorm a list of subjects, then expand these into a list of key points and write the article around those.

  • Have a half day or a day and aim to write articles in two or three different versions.
  • Don’t post them all at once, post over a period of time.
  • Set up Google alerts with the keywords you’ve used in the articles and you’ll see if your article marketing is working effectively.

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Writing articles that work

If you have specialist knowledge that you can share with other people it raises your profile. However, as specialists it can be easy to forget who you’re writing for. These tips are to ensure that your valuable message hits the target perfectly!

1. Plan what you’re going to cover; key points, intro and conclusion; this makes writing much easier.

2. Start with the end in mind; if you know where you’re going your readers will ‘get it’!

3. Read it out loud – you’ll soon find the bits that don’t work. Get out the red pen!

4. Leave for a few days and read it again, you’ll edit it more objectively.

5. If you have a lot to say, separate it into two or more pieces, each with its own point.

6. Remember who you’re writing for; it’s not you! Ensure your content works for the reader.

7. Keep your paragraphs short and lively; the article will have energy and be easier to read.

Post your articles on your own website, then edit them to present a unique article for each site where you submit it. This avoids the search engines finding duplicate content – which is a big ‘no, no’. You won’t need to write from scratch, but aim for about 20% difference for each presentation.
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