Have I got your attention?

When you arrive on a website the first question you want answered is ‘will this website give me what I’m looking for?’ In the first three seconds you’ll have started making your decision to stay or go. If you don’t have your reader’s attention the back button is so easy to click on – next!

Have I got your attention?

But it’s not just about websites:

  • When you send out marketing information is it read or deleted (or put in the bin)?
  • When people search for you online are you visible or not?
  • How many potential clients really understand why your product or service is different (and better) from your competitors?
  • How well do your potential clients know you – are you top of their contact list when they want what you offer?

Knowing WHAT people read is important. But knowing HOW people read is critical.

Readability is a little-known area – but one that makes a huge impact on your ability to get your readers to take action. Lesleywriter provides an expert service to not only craft your message, but help you (and your designers) to deliver it in a way that really gets attention!

Whether you want:

  • A website that people stick to
  • A blog that influences
  • Articles that create awareness of your brand and knowledge base
  • Press releases that editors will actually read
  • Marketing material that people keep and take action on
  • Even a business card that is retained and remembered

Find out how to achieve all these – and more now. Get words working for you and people will get your message, quickly, clearly and persuasively.


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